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About Us


Hey, I’m Dustin. My wife’s name is Kendra. We love to travel. We love to travel inexpensively. There’s no better feeling than booking two round trip tickets to Europe for less than we spend on weekly groceries. We want to help you do the same.

Kendra and I got married in 2010. We spent 20% of our budget on our actual wedding. The other 80%? Yeah, it all went toward the honeymoon. Our trip to Cancun was worth every penny. Between endless pina coladas, massages, bike rides, and tours of Mayan ruins we decided right then and there that travel was going to be a priority in our lives together.

We got home and quickly modified our budget so that we would put a little away each paycheck towards future travels. Then life happened and the travel fund was always the first to get raided. Don’t get me wrong. Life is great, and we’ve always been able to get away and do fun things. But we wanted to travel big… bigger than we could afford.

My brother in law was always taking my sister and their kids on really cool exotic trips. I swear they’ve been to every Hawaiian island like twelve times. All of this on a teacher’s salary. He would always encourage me to do what he was doing. Signing up for credit cards.  Lots of them. And getting lots of points. The idea sounded crazy to me. I’d always been taught to minimize credit use.  It seemed backwards and dangerous.

Then I gave it a try.

I got my first credit card and sign up bonus in November of 2013. My wife and I have signed up for multiple cards since.  We took our first trip to Hawaii in 2014, followed up by a trip to Europe in 2015, and our second trip to Europe in 2016.  All three trips were the type for which most people save their entire lives.  We did three, in three consecutive years, in our thirties.

Upon seeing that first large sum of points roll in, I knew this was for me. I was overwhelmed though. There’s a decent sized learning curve in the travel points game. Looking back it all seems so simple, but I’ll never forget all the questions I had trying to navigate the maze at the beginning.

Enter my website, Triumphant Adventures. This site is dedicated to helping you cut through the information overload in the credit cards reward game so that you can go on your dream vacation sooner than you ever thought possible. The only thing as rewarding as traveling for free is helping others do the same. If you have any questions as you begin this journey, I’d love to connect.  Feel free to leave a comment or message me at dustin@triumphantadventures.com, and I’ll be happy to respond.

Happy travels.


4 Replies to “About Us”

  1. Hey Dustin-great looking website. I like the personal touch you incorporate using your own travel experiences. Drop down menus are a great way to interact with your site-be nice to see a few more as it makes it easier to navigate your site. Your postings are great-a few made me chuckle regarding some of your travel adventures, and inspires me to be more personable on my site.


    1. Hi Brad. Thanks for the kind words and feedback. We’ll definitely take that into consideration as we continue building out our site. Hope to keep seeing you around here.

  2. I absolutely love your story about how you and your wife came to travel and have exciting holiday very cheaply. It was really compelling reading and I’m very interested to know more about the credit card points systems and how to utilise it. Thanks for the interesting article and I’ll definitely come back to your site very soon!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Alison. I hope you’re able to learn more about the way we travel and apply it in your own life. It changed ours for the better and I know it can do it for anyone that follows the same steps. I look forward to seeing more of you around here.

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