There’s Not Much That Beats Canyoning In Interlaken Switzerland

There’s Not Much That Beats Canyoning In Interlaken Switzerland

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I never knew canyoning was a thing. So when my wife asked me if I wanted to go canyoning, I asked her why she was verbing canyon. A co-worker of hers had recently been to Europe and told her that we need to go canyoning in Interlaken Switzerland.  Luckily, Interlaken was the first destination on our trip. He recommended we look into Outdoor Interlaken, a tour company that offers adventures on all levels of the ballsiness spectrum. It’s a little pricey; around $200 per person, but totally worth it. And as I have mentioned in several posts, the key benefit in using reward points to travel is that once you are at your destination, you don’t have to scrimp as much.

We opted for one of the less ballsy canyoning adventures, but still a few adrenaline rushes (at least by my standards). We met at their headquarters in downtown Interlaken to suit up for the adventure. We then drove up one of the mountains and had a short hike to the stream by which we would descend. We started off repelling down about a 20-foot drop, did several dives into large pools, did one cliff dive that was probably about 15 feet (though it looked much higher from the top), and even had some Goonie-esque water slide moments. But why read my description, when you can just check out the video.

We ended up getting put with a group of exchange students from the United States. They attend a school in Luxembourg and get to travel to random places in Europe every weekend (lucky bastards). It was fun listening to them talk about the trip from their perspectives, like not telling their moms that they were doing something so crazy. Oh, and I also learned from their infinite knowledge, that canyoning is illegal in the United States. Hopefully they aren’t pre-law students. They were fun to interact with throughout the day. We ended up running in to them later that evening as we attended a chocolate making class.

If you’re going to Interlaken, I’d recommend you check out Outdoor Interlaken. They have adventures for all seasons, so you should be able to take advantage regardless of when you go. If you go, please feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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  1. Wow! Haha… I would have been asking the same question you did, how do you verbalize ‘canyon’? But seriously – that looks AWESOME! I’m totally into these outdoorsy type adventures… and sliding through rivers, and repelling down rock walls into rivers is right up my alley.

    Crazy that it’s illegal in a place like the US too, eh? But honestly, the more I’m told that I’m not allowed to do something, usually just makes me want to try it even more!! 😀 Thanks for the great idea for my next trip!

    1. Haha, luckily they weren’t 100% accurate on the legality issue. There’s no federal law against it in the United States. People do it all throughout Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. I’m guessing they lived near private land where it had been prohibited, so they were just assuming it was illegal everywhere.

      Either way, it’s fun as hell and I’m going to do it every time I get the opportunity. I hope you get to do it soon. Thanks for the comment.

  2. This looks really awesome! My boyfriend and I are taking a trip to Switzerland next summer. I was thinking about going paragliding but he’s afraid of heights and won’t do that with me. I might be able to get him on board for canyoning though because he does love the water. Are they pretty good about explaining things to you and making sure you are safe? Especially for those of us with no experience?

    1. Thanks for your comment Katie. 

      So Kendra and I have no experience canyoning. And believe it or not, I am terrified of heights. The guides were superb. They knew the location of every underwater rock or hazard and keep you well informed. They keep it fun while also having a no nonsense approach to safety. Normally I’d be terrified jumping off a 20 foot jump into a canyon stream. But these guys make you feel confident about it. 

      Also, unless you’ve totally given up on convincing your boyfriend to go paragliding, have him check out this post of a guy who hates heights, but now has paragliding in France as one of his all time favorite memories. I was definitely nervous and had to play mind games to keep myself calm on the drive up the mountain. But once you’re in the air and can feel the support of the paragliding equipment, it is truly a life changing experience. Hopefully you can talk him into it. 

      I’d love to hear about your trip to Switzerland. Happy travels. 

  3. Canyoning (very interesting word) is somewhat dangerous 🙂
    But that is what adventure is all about, right?

    I must say I am impressed with their catalogue. They have absolutely everything to make your visit to Switzerland unforgettable and unique.

    In fact, i would love to visit Switzerland soon, and thanks to your website and info i will definitely put my priority on Interlaken.

    I am not interested in canyoning, but there are many great things like rafting and especially Monster Scooter Downhill Gravity Scooter Tour. Super cool.

    Thanks for the great info.

    1. Thanks for your comment Miroslav Petras. Canyoning was a ton of fun, but as you noted, they have a lot of excursions at all ends of the adrenaline spectrum. I’m just sad we weren’t there long enough to try some of their other tours. We will definitely return on our next Switzerland trip. 

  4. Woah those exchange students are so luckyyyyyyy. I’ve always wanted to travel to europe and visit countries aside from the usual England, France, Italy etc. I actually wanted to go to Switzerland first if ever I visit europe. Anyway, your adventure sounded so much fun. I hope I get to do that someday.

    1. I often refer to Switzerland as my European gateway country. I never really wanted to visit Europe, but my wife got me to go to Switzerland, and I’ve been hooked on Europe ever since. It’s a really beautiful continent. I hope you’re able to make it there.

  5. Hi

    Great Post

    This looks like a fantastic option for some adventure in Switzerland. It is always great to read about others travel experiences and where they had some of their fun and adventures.

    I will definitely be checking outdoor Interlaken when I head to Switzerland at some stage.

    I look forwards to some of your future posts.


    1. Thanks for your comment Chris. Feel free to drop a note when you make it over. I’d love to hear the highlights of your trip.

  6. I have been to Switzerland, but I did not know that you could do that there. Your adventure looks amazing. Definitely an experience to remember forever. When I go back to Switzerland I will surely look in to it. Looks like a fun thing to do with a group of friends. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. It was a total blast and it would be the perfect thing to do with a group of friends. Please feel free to stop back and let us know how it goes.

  7. This looks absolutely amazing! I am ALL ABOUT this kind of adventure. I think that I’d be a bit nervous with the repelling as I don’t have much experience there but I’d do it and probably love it! Sliding down the falls had to be a blast! I live in Utah now (previously Maryland) and people do that kind of stuff here frequently. Around here you just have to watch for flash flooding in the canyons … especially slot canyons. They come without warning sometimes. I have no plans to go to Switzerland any time soon (although I’d like to) so I’ll have to look into this type of thing near me. Great video!

    1. Hi Mia,

      Thanks for reading. We’re from Utah too. It’s good to know there’s a few locals seeing our website.

      I don’t know what’s holding you back from going to Switzerland. For most people it’s budget. If that’s the case with you, then you should check out our How to Travel for Less page. It might help you find a way to get there (or any other place you’ve dreamed of going) sooner than you think.

  8. Awesome post and dynamite video, guys; I really missed out in my last Switzerland trip! I’ve not been to Interlaken, but now it’s on the list. There is SO much to do in that tiny country, and it is all so gorgeous, that I will have to take my wife there the next time we have an excuse to go to Europe.
    I think canyoning is a blast, and we must give it a try (if I can talk her into it) probably the closest thing to spelunking that I can try with her – I love rough caving, but it is not for everyone, and she isn’t into getting coated with mud – at least half the fun of caving. The $200 price tag seems like a bargain – did it include all the gear, including the wet suit?

    1. Steve,
      Switzerland is one of my favorite places to visit. There is a lot to do and see and since it’s a pretty small country you can fit a lot in without driving for hours and hours.

      Canyoning is amazing! I loved every minute of it, and I can’t wait to go back and try some of Outdoor Interlaken’s other adventures. They are a great company, with knowledgeable guides who make the experience top notch while also looking out for your safety. The price included all the gear needed for the excursion; including the wet suit, harness, shoes, and helmet. All we had to bring was a swimsuit. Outdoor Interlaken has a changing area with lockers to secure your belongings while you are on the tour. I hope you can talk your wife into trying it as it’s one of my favorite memories from this trip. Thanks for the comment! Happy Adventuring!


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