Top Five Restaurants of New Orleans

Top Five Restaurants of New Orleans


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Food. It’s really one of my favorite things in life. And a vacation in New Orleans is the perfect place to indulge in it.

New Orleans is known for its cuisine; and after this trip, I can completely understand why. New Orleans is heavily influenced by Cajun and Creole cuisine. Being right on the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico, seafood also plays a prominent part. I’m usually pretty picky when it comes to sea food, so I was a little bit nervous; but after having eaten it for a weekend, I can say that I would probably be twenty pounds heavier if I were from this area. In a city that doesn’t have a last call, even during hurricanes,  you’re bound to find something to whet your appetite. As you’ll see in the reviews of all the restaurants we tried, I really had no complaints (and probably a little too much praise).

We have come nowhere near close to being acquainted with all the restaurants in New Orleans. But with the experience we do have, here is my list of the top five restaurants of New Orleans. Keep in mind, these are not ranked in any particular order. They’re just the five that we liked the most.

1 – Ruby Slipper

Ruby Slipper MenuMost of the places we ate at were recommendations from a self-proclaimed New Orleans connoisseur, my boss’s brother. However, this one was just a lucky google search. I hopped online to find us somewhere to get our grub on while Kendra was finishing up getting ready for the day, and the pictures of the food at this place just looked amazing. It’s located right in the middle of the walk between our hotel and the French Quarter, so we decided to give it a try. It was around 9:30 or 10:00 on a Saturday morning, so we did have a little bit of a wait; about a half hour or so. So…. Effing…. Worth It.

They sat us outside next to the specials sign that read, “White Chocolate Bread Pudding Pancakes.” Normally I prefer French toast or waffles. But add white chocolate and bread pudding to damn near anything and I’m sold. Kendra decided to go with the Bam Bam Biscuit, which is a biscuit with scrambled egg, pepper jack cheese, maple bacon, and a fried green tomato. As always, we shared our plates so that we could both experience trying more of the local cuisine. Suffice it to say that this was not a breakfast fit for a type 1 diabetic such as myself, but sometimes my attitude is that my blood sugar can just rot in hell while I enjoy myself for a weekend. I’m sure that’ll come back to haunt me, but that was the last thing on my mind as I enjoyed the decadent bread pudding pancakes.

We loved this place so much that we decided to visit once again the last day of our trip shortly before we flew out. Kendra got the Bam Bam Biscuit again, and I opted for the French Toast Batons, which were brioche French toast sticks tossed in cinnamon sugar, served with applewood-smoked bacon. Again, the Ruby Slipper did not disappoint. This is probably one of the best breakfast restaurants I’ve ever been to.

Ruby Slipper Breakfast

2 – Dickey Brennan’s Bourbon House

Bourbon House

This was one of the recommendations from my boss’s brother, and he was even nice enough to tell us exactly what to order. The Signature BBQ Shrimp Po’ Boy. So this is the only Po’ Boy I’ve ever had, so I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on what exactly differentiates a Po’ Boy from any other sandwich. However, I will take plenty of time explaining why this one is much better. The bun is a loaf of French bread sliced in half. The sandwich wasn’t cut open as typical sandwich. Rather, it was cut into from the middle of it, but not cut on the outsides, forming a pocket. What was in that pocket was nothing short of the highest degree of heaven, pure mouth bliss, an orgasm in your mouth, however you want to describe it. It was grilled shrimp in a bourbon sauce. Not being a bourbon drinker, I have no idea if most of the flavor came from bourbon or not, because it definitely had a unique taste with which I wasn’t familiar. I did leave that restaurant, though, thinking that I need to start drinking bourbon.

Signature BBQ PoBoy

3 – Cornet

We really just stumbled upon this place because it was where one of our tours ended. I’m assuming the tour group has some sort of an agreement with the restaurant because it was a little weird that they would end a voodoo tour at a restaurant. As we walked through, I saw and smelled some delicious Cajun food and decided to stay and have dinner after.

I’m not a huge fish guy, but I decided to try the Cajun Platter, which included fried catfish, red beans and rice, jambalaya, and green onion smoked sausage. As expected, it was all amazing, even the catfish, and especially the sausage… ha sausage. Kendra got the Tour of New Orleans appetizer which includes jambalaya, gumbo and craw fish mac and cheese, as well as a side of hush puppies.

Not only was the food great, but so was the ambiance. We sat out on the balcony overlooking Bourbon street, which provided for some entertaining people watching.

Cornet Dinner

4 – Cafe Du Monde

Restaurant is a strong word to describe this place. But since it is such an iconic part of New Orleans, it has to be mentioned.

Cafe Du Monde has been around for a while. The original cafe was established in 1862; and they’re still around, so they must be doing something right. Their menu is small and simple; beignets, coffee, milk, and chocolate milk. Where was this place when I was nine? Aw, who am I kidding? I still have the pallet of a nine-year-old, so I really enjoyed this place. A beignet is a French style donut, square in shape, and covered in powdered sugar. They come in orders of three, so I was figuring we’d each have one and a half. That was until I remembered that Kendra doesn’t like donuts. She tried one, but didn’t care for them enough to split the other one with me. I’m still not sure how I manage to trust a woman that doesn’t like donuts, but she’s got me wrapped around her finger somehow.

Cafe du Monde

5 – Dickey Brennan’s Steak House

Turns out that half the restaurants we went to are part of the Dickey Brennan group of restaurants. I had never heard of Dickey Brennan before. I did a quick google search and learned that he was quite the restaurateur of New Orleans. If he were still alive, I’d try to have him move in with me and Kendra and be our personal chef, because everything we ate at his restaurants was pure gold.

Dicky Brennan's Steakhouse

While a steak house isn’t exactly local cuisine, we decided to give this place a try as it was another recommendation from my boss’s brother. He hadn’t steered us wrong yet. And still hasn’t. I got the rib eye steak and au-gratin potatoes. The only other time I’ve had a steak as yummy as this one was when Kendra and I splurged one year for our anniversary and went to Ruth’s Chris. Kendra got the filet, which she was also impressed with. And although a steakhouse may not be what brings people to New Orleans, we were still able to try some food local to the area. Kendra ordered the turtle soup, which was uniquely flavorful without that strong seafood taste you’d expect.

Turtle Soup

I really wish there would have been something that didn’t taste so great so that my review wouldn’t sound so biased, but this place continued to impress as we headed in to dessert. We ordered the bread pudding and pecan pie. I didn’t realize that either were part of Louisiana cuisine as we have both back home, but apparently they’re both desserts that New Orleans touts as part of their cuisine. They were both delicious.

Bread Pudding & Pecan Pie

Please leave any great New Orleans restaurants where you’ve eaten in the comments. We’d love to give them a try next time we’re in the Big Easy. And hey, if you want some things to do in between meals, here’s some ideas.

8 Replies to “Top Five Restaurants of New Orleans”

  1. oh my gosh your food photos are making me drool at my desk!

    I loooovvveee food too and had not considered New Orleans as a travel destination before today (I don’t know why not) but now I’m definitely adding it to my travel list.

    Looking forward to more stories and pictures from your next destination. Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks for the comment SJ, and welcome to the site. If you love food, you will absolutely love New Orleans. Plus there’s a lot of fun stuff to do as well.

      I hope to see more of you around here.

  2. Dustin,
    Do you have any pics you can share of the white chocolate bread pudding pancakes? I don’t think I saw any. Seems like you had a blast. Glad for you!

    1. Hey there Eve,

      They’re easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. There on the right of the pic right above the heading to Dickey Brennan’s Bourbon House. We had a great time there. Hopefully you can make it down someday to enjoy the delicious food.

  3. I have lived in Houston for 4 years and I have yet to make a trip to New Orleans. I am ashamed.

    The food pics are making me want to drive over there right now!

    I love that you did short and sweet reviews, but it would be nice to see some pics of their menu and pricing.

    Either way, this makes me realize how much more I NEED to make a trip to NOLA.

    1. Hi Helen,

      Hopefully you guys are recovering from that stupid hurricane down there.

      I share the same sentiment for the grand canyon. It’s less than a day’s drive and the only time I’ve ever seen it is from an airplane. So you’re not alone.

      I’ll see about throwing some links in for each restaurants website so you can check out their menus.

      Thanks for the comment,


  4. Very yummy! your photos are making me about to get a ticket now to New Orleans to taste all these delicious looking foods, I’ll make sure to try one or more of these restaurants when I visit New Orleans.

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